I am a literary mom of 3 jumping off the pages of the storybook. I write about family, travel, books, and food, with a green twist.

The main characters: The three little Ps: Big M (my knight in dollar store armor), E (pretty, pretty princess), and little m (piglet).

We picked up our life and move it across the ocean from Florida USA to England along with our 3 little Ps. It’s messy. It’s complicated. There’s joy. There’s longing. In addition to our wanderings through fairy-tale Europe, and the mishaps that will inevitably come with traveling with three small children, I hope to make a project of visiting places where culture and climate change collide–revel in the things that make us human and the places that sustain our humanity while they're still around. Hopefully, telling tales about these corners will make you care about them, think about them a little more, and maybe just think a little more.

NB: With three small kids, our three little Ps, this may turn out to be more of a cautionary tale than that of the fairy variety.

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